Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Points to Ponder

While in Bakersfield over the weekend with my family, I had the chance to ponder a lot of different things.

1. Do half of the residents of Bakersfield even know that there are mountains surrounding the town? With all of the dust and smog that get sucked into the valley, it's often hard to tell.

2. Do people who go to County Fairs ever have all their own teeth? Judging by the foodstuffs sold, I find it doubtful. But then again, I have to admit, a deep-fried Oreo does have its charm...

3. How does anyone resist a petting zoo? I got to pet a zebra. And a miniature horse and a cow and some goats and a pot-bellied pig and...

A llama! (Llama face! *sob*)

4. Does riding rickety carnival rides (like The Zipper, an all-time favorite) ever lose its charm? The Sister and I may have been the oldest people in line for said Zipper, but we enjoyed it just as much as all the teenagers. Maybe more!

5. Would my life be drastically different if I had never left the small town that I grew up in, or if I had moved to another small town instead of to LA? Bakersfield has an, um, interesting mix of people, but I noticed that there were nearly as many young couples running around with wedding rings and strollers as I saw when I was in Bozeman in August. It just seems that people couple much more quickly in a smaller population, but I wonder if that bug would have bitten me any sooner. I use my inherent nature, pickiness and independent personality to justify the fact that I'm still single in my mid twenties - but is that just an excuse for the plight of the modern urban woman?

Honestly, I don't think so. I think it is something inside of me that just doesn't want to settle down and pop out some rugrats before I'm able to really grow up and see the world and know myself. I'm thinking more and more about getting out of Los Angeles and travelling, and I couldn't do that if I was tied down to a family.

Lyrics of the Day

"'How did it go so fast,' you'll say, as we are looking back. And then we'll understand, we held gold dust in our hands." Tori Amos Gold Dust

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Peggy Archer said...

County fairs are TONS of fun - even though I won't go on the rides.

I've worked around WAY too many carnies.