Thursday, December 07, 2006

All About LB

I've spent the better part of the last two days staring at the new Nerve Personals profile that I'm putting together. It hasn't been that long since I was doing this for Match (revising and revising, over and over), but I seemed to have forgotten how hard it is! That, and the fact that Nerve is a different type of site: more educated, edgier, snarkier, more risque. I've got to be at the top of my game online here if I want to attract the kinds of guys that I'm hoping to attract. And I need some seriously good, new pictures of myself to post. Oh! The pressure!

There's so much to debate in filling out a personals profile. How much do you really want to disclose? Should I mention my strange idiosyncrasies, my relationship with The Sister, my crippling fear of commitment and intimacy? Do I ask for what I really want - a manly man who will chop down trees and fix my car and clean my plate after I'm full? Would it be wrong to be perfectly honest and mention that actors need not apply? There's a very delicate balance between honesty and TMI (Too Much Information), between alluring and scary, between honest and bitchy. I'm trying to walk that line, but walk it in my own little unique way.

I'm getting excited and antsy and nervous, but I'm ready. Ready for what's next, for what's out there. For who's out there.

Lyrics of the Day

"Yeah, It’s 4 miles and counting and my hands are shouting to meet you." Teitur To Meet You

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Tori said...

Oh god, I hate making profiles. I've done and (which I actually got more dates out of, albeit none of them made it past date 1) and every time, the hardest part is always the photo. While I consider myself cute and attractive (enough) in person, I do not photograph well. Every time a camera is aimed at me I make a funny face. It takes 30 photos to get one where I'm not squinting or smirking or rolling my eyes.

Also, I know I'm neurotic, but I'm always afraid my photos don't look like me and the guys are going to be horribly disappointed when they meet me. This has yet to happen (that I know of) and usually ends up to be vice-versa - a lot of the guys look nothing like their photos.

As for TMI, it really is a fine line to walk. I always want to be open to meeting as many cool guys as possible (who doesn't?) but by not being specific enough I have ended up on a lot of bad dates.

Good luck with your profile. Sorry for the novel-sized comment.