Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Small, Small World

On Friday night I was supposed to go out with a bunch of old friends (including The Figa Master and The Monster) as Part One of Two last hurrahs with The Monster before she runs off to Europe to teach hot guys how to speak English. The Sister had the night off and decided to join, as she hadn't hung out with me in a long time.

Long story short, things didn't work out quite as planned. As in, the guest of honor ended up bailing out at the very last minute.

But we went ahead and had some fun anyway.

We were at the Cabo Cantina, a place that we went to a ton over the summer, but haven't been back to in quite a while. Possibly we hadn't been there since this night (see #4 under "yesterday's points" for the event).

As per usual, you cannot go anywhere in Hollywood (if you've lived here as long as I have) without running into people you would never expect to run into. The Sister started saying that she thought she recognized this guy across the bar, but couldn't figure out who he was. Then she noticed that he seemed to be saying the same thing about her, so she was sure she had to know him.

Imagine our surprise when we realized that it was these guys (+ a third guy that we met that weekend). We hadn't heard from them in months (though I have been MySpace friends with The Filmmaker since last I posted about him).

After many a 2-for-1 margarita and some much needed catching up with some of my girls (notably SJP, back on holiday break from her Harvard exploits and LAJ, who has an Irish Boyfriend now - could I be ANY MORE envious?), The Sister and I ended up wandering to another bar with The Filmmaker and the third guy, Old Blue Eyes. The four of us were maybe a little intoxicated and we may have made complete fools of ourselves dancing around in the bar, but we had a hell of a time.

Actually, the time we had was rather...


Wait for it...


(Seriously, watch that video. This is quite possibly my favorite sitcom to hit TV in the last 5 years. Maybe more.)

Anyway, we had an insanely good time. And I have to admit that when I didn't end up hearing back from The Filmmaker way back in August, I felt rather rejected. But on Friday night, I totally won. I won so much so that the boys called The Sister (for she had given Old Blue Eyes her number) on Sunday to see if she and I wanted to meet them for drinks.

Lyrics of the Day

"She gives me a hug ‘til our hips are flush, she says, 'Boy, we’ve hardly kept in touch – it’s time for catching up.'" The Good Life Notes in His Pockets

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