Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Here's to Me, Mrs. Robinson

A disturbing pattern has emerged in my most recent romantic exploits.

This is something that I've actually struggled with for a long time and something which I've found it hard to explain or understand. But as of late it's been more and more obvious that this pattern has reestablished itself in my life in a big way.

I have this thing for younger guys.

I know that "age is just a number" and blah, blah, blah - but when you're in your mid-twenties, younger guys are really young. They're just out of college and still trying to figure out their lives, their paths and trying to tell their heads from their backsides. It makes for a rather ill-fitting relationship. I would know. I've been here before.

The stranger thing about the whole debacle is that the younger guys seem to know this, to sense this thing and they flock to me.

On Christmas Eve, The Sister and I went out (something that has been a tradition for us since we became Of Age) and at the bar I picked up a completely adorable boy. And I do mean boy. He was 22.

Obviously, The Kid is younger than I am. That's why I call him The Kid. Though he's not quite as frighteningly young as 22.

Last Friday night I was in San Luis Obispo with my family and we were all out at a bar celebrating my fabulous cousin's birthday. A 22-year old came over to our table with his sights set on me. I may have accidentally run-off and left The Sister with him. He referred to her as "Baby Girl" for the rest of the night.

On New Year's Eve, Red and I threw a little shindig at her house which ended up being pretty much the two of us and 15 or 20 guys. I have way too many male friends. Sometime after midnight, one of the late additions to the party tried very hard to get me to make-out with him (something I was definitely not interested in doing by that point, I really just wanted to go to sleep). He was about 23.

I was complaining to Red about this recurring problem and she said to me that she was always going after younger guys when she was in her twenties. She said that it's quite obvious what's going on here.

Younger guys aren't ready for a relationship, most of the time. There for they pose no threat to my crippling fear of intimacy and commitment.

And I had been foolish enough to start believing that I was moving past that.

Lyrics of the Day

"Hide it in a hiding place where no one ever goes; put it in your pantry with your cupcakes. It's a little secret, just the Robinsons' affair. Most of all, you've got to hide it from the kids." Simon & Garfunkel Mrs. Robinson

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Kit Mikazuki said...

Is it also possible LB, that younger guys are attracted to your energy, wit, and bright persona? And that guys closer to your age are way more serious, blah, and bland? That doesn't include me of course.

Kit Mikazuki, Host
Internet Dating Misadventures Podcast
Nante Koto
Washington, DC