Friday, April 25, 2008

It Figures

So I think that I've figured something out. It's not much, but it explains a little bit. This job that I have, here in Columbus, it's unlike the jobs that I usually have. It's a start-up. It's rough and not well organized. The boundaries are ill-defined and I'm the only person that really knows everything that it entails. So at the end of every week, I sort of feel like I want to die. I'm so exhausted and worn out from fighting the adversity and the system that I come home and am barely able to pull myself off of the couch to climb into bed. And every Friday night I seem to find myself in a new pit of despair for some reason or another. Maybe it's the job as much as it's the Relationship.

Can I really do this for 13 more weeks?

Lyrics of the Day

"Dorothy wake up. Dorothy wake up. Dorothy wake up, it's time for work." Cursive Dorothy at Forty


Anonymous said...

Uh-oh....if you're counting weeks, that's a very bad sign. It also means you probably already know your decision. Strong relationships are built on mutual love and respect. Once that's gone, and you're counting weeks till you can move on, then it is time to move on. You should listen to what it sounds like every fiber in your being is telling you: this is not working out.

Anonymous said...

does PC know the trouble you're having at work? because that can explain a lot; work/school stress can lead you to pick a LOT of fights (uhh, not that i would know from experience or anything...)

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure that's entirely what it means... I think it means that since work so horrible for you then who else are you going to take it out on? Ohio is just not the place for you (obviously) but I'm sure you and PC still have good times that simply is escape enough sometimes to get your mind off how horrible your day was. In the past I've hated a job so much that I would want to go home and not have to deal with anything or anyone. Including my husband whom I am still married to. Trust me, he can tell you the same, if you are not happy with even one thing that's incredibly stressful in anything with your life (school, work, the town you live in, finances, or even your relationship) then everything else will be negatively effected. But in most cases these things pass, and I'm happy that they have made me a stronger person in and out of my 11 year marriage.