Saturday, March 22, 2008

Middle America

By the way, I'm in Ohio now. And really, I mean no offense if anyone out there who has an undying love of Ohio, but I won't be sad when I leave here. I guess I just had no idea what the mid-west was really like, and how different it is than the coasts.

When it snows more than 2 inches or so here, they close all of the schools. I've been in Columbus for 5 weeks now and I think there have been almost two weeks worth of snow days. If it's foggy, they delay school. If it's rainy, they let school out early. Why aren't I a teacher?? In Montana, it can be 40 degrees below zero and blizzarding and you dang-well better get yourself to school. The difference is that you don't have to stay on the playground until class starts, you can go inside.

I work with a young man who seems very cool and modern and "normal" by the standards of a girl who spent the most significant part of her adult life in LA. Last Monday he came into work and told a story about his weekend that involved taking apart a tractor and putting it back together. Cuz, you know, they just do that in Ohio.

They are so crazy about college football here, I've heard that every Saturday during football season, the town basically shuts down to watch the game. Even now, in the off-season (it is basketball season, but OSU did not make it into the NCAA tournament), you can't walk out your door without seeing whole families dressed in Ohio State shirts, jackets, pants, hats. It's like its own religion.

But here's the biggest travesty about Ohio: Two-Buck Chuck costs more than $3 a bottle.

Lyrics of the Day

"Somewhere in the middle of America, get right to the heart of matters, it's the heart that matters more. I think you'd better turn your ticket in, get your money back at the door." Omaha Counting Crows


Laundramatic said...

I know exactly what you mean! I came to Ohio from Philadelphia for grad school, and though it's not too bad here, I frequently find myself saying phrases like "I'm stuck in Ohio" and "hell no I'm not staying here after I get my master's"

Chris said...

Your music choices are consistently good enough that I'm going to have to check out The Good Life.

Also, I was really worried for a while that you had found love and were finished with this blog. Now don't get me wrong, I hope for your sake that you do find love, but I selfishly hope the blog stays around too. It's a good read!

LB said...

Chris - PLEASE PLEASE check out The Good Life. I am positively in love with them. The lead singer also fronts the band Cursive, which is different in tone and style, but also a great band.

The newest album "Help Wanted Nights" is brilliant and so are the two previous: "Black Out" and "Album of the Year". Just be prepared to have your heart broken.