Thursday, June 21, 2007

Those Three Little Words

I was jittery and impatient all day last Thursday before I left for LA. The hours simply couldn't pass fast enough to make me happy. I slept fitfully on the plane - but at least I did have a little nap before the evening's festivities. Red picked me up at LAX and we arrived at The Sister's party just after 10 pm. It was really sensory overload for me, being back in LA and suddenly being in such a chaotic social situation. And all the while I was counting the minutes, the seconds even, until Prince Charming would be off of work and finally with me again.

It was almost like the kind of magic I felt the first night that we met, seeing him in the flesh again after almost five weeks apart apart. Just being able to kiss him and touch him and feel his arms around me again was like coming home. And almost as heart-warming as this was The Sister's reception of PC - she hugged him and greeted him as if she was as happy to see him as I was. The Sister has never been like that with anyone I've dated. Often she hates them altogether, or is at the most grudgingly accepting. But this is so different, the way she just let PC in, I'm still amazed.

Prince Charming and I ended up DDing people that night and didn't get back to his house until after 4 am. And all night the words just wanted to slip out of my mouth. Earlier in the night when PC related a story to me about talking to a coworker that night, he told me that he said, "I'm going to marry this girl." Instead of freaking out and wanting to run in the face of commitment, like I usually want to, my heart melted. I was so ecstatically happy to hear that, I was floating on air.

When we finally got back to his place and made up for lost time, it almost felt like we had never been apart. Afterward, I lay there looking ar him and I just couldn't do it - I couldn't hold myself back and I said to him, "I am so in love with you." Out-load. I said it. And I meant it in a way that I have never meant it before. And Prince Charming told me that he loved me too and had been wanting to say it for almost two weeks and it was like our own little fairytale right there as the sun was rising and the birds were singing outside the bedroom window.

Lyrics of the Day

" I, I'm so in love with you. Whatever you want to do is all right with me, 'cause you make me feel so brand new and I want to spend my life with you." Al Green Let's Stay Together


Eve said...

No pepto-bismol necessary. I'm really happy for you that you have found love. :)

Julie said...

G and I are sitting here reading this and we're going "aww!"

I've said it over and over again, but in the four years I've known you, I've never seen you this happy.

Bravo for not letting your ego get in the way and not being afraid to say it first. Maybe I'll send this to my friend Maria, who is petrified to say it first.

Anonymous said...

Huzzah!! Good on you both!

Tiffany & Co. said...

BF blurted it out to me after around two-three weeks...same exact story! I'm so happy for you, it's an amazing feeling when it's like...that person just gets you as soon as you meet :D

Yoffi said...

Oh wow, yet another "happily ever after".

It's not that I'm cynical more "cautious" I like to think.


Karen said...

I'm so thrilled for you! I've just found your blog and am otally head over heels in love too but haven't said the words yet. I haven't the guts to go first.

Suz said...

Can I just say YAAAYYYYYYY! and you'll know that I get it? :D

Tilly said...

Wheeeeee!! And yay.

Rodrigo said...

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