Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things Fall Apart

So it turns out that it wasn't just me. And it wasn't just PC. It was both of us. Like baking soda and vinegar. And we homemade-volcano'd ourselves right into the end of our relationship last week.

We had a bad night. It was a bad (Tuesday) night coming on the tail of bad Friday and Saturday nights. So much fighting. A broken cell phone. Middle-of-the-night bike riding. Dwindling hopes of sleep. I may have even said that I wished he was dead, which I'm ashamed of and surprised at myself for.

Long-story-short (and I am going to make it short), things just went to hell and they went there for the last time. I stayed in a hotel room that night. The next day, I told him that it was over.

Lyrics of the Day

"So I thought hell if it's over, well I had better end it quick or I could lose all my nerve." Matchbox Twenty Rest Stop


Anonymous said...

When the fog lifts you'll have to tell us if it is relief you feel.

Anonymous said...

Wow that sounds really unhealthy with the fighting. Your posts never quite conveyed the drama I guess. I've had relationships like that as well, and while they were exciting with all the highs and lows. After "growing up, I finally realized that i prefer stability and even a little boredom to the emotional rollercoasters by alot.

I think its good that you guys ended it at least to stop the cycle of insanity. I'm not even saying that "maybe" sometime down the road you guys wouldnt work out - but O think you both need to spread your wings and grow into the people you are trying to be and then see if you still even feel the same draw for each other.