Friday, January 23, 2009

Starting Over

Well, it took almost three weeks exactly, but it's come to this: I've gotten lonely.

I forgot what this was like. I remember, intellectually, that it took me more than two years to really start finding true and valuable friendships in Los Angeles. But emotionally, being here and knowing that I'm not just in and out in three months or so - it's more of a struggle than I was really anticipating.

I've been on my own almost every night this week, with PC working, and mostly I prefer it that way. I can come home and unwind, decompress and do my own thing. But I'm feeling more and more each night that weighty fact that I don't have my own friends here. I don't know anyone really, outside of my new coworkers. And don't get me wrong, my new coworkers are surprisingly cool and I know that we will hang out, but the lack of a friend or core group of friends is becoming apparent.

After all of this, this search for love and companionship, I'm in a relationship and I find myself longing for the thing that I've always had and occasionally took for granted: friends.

Is there some way to internet date for friends?

Lyrics of the Day

"You've got a new friend. Likes to go movies, likes to drink red wine. A film school drunk can be so hard to find." The Good Life A New Friend


Julie said...

It's definitely tough to move to a new city where you don't know anyone. Facebook can be great for meeting friends of friends, or long lost friends, though I imagine your area isn't the most likely place for them to live. You can also look into groups on Have you thought about throwing a party and inviting all your neighbors?

Samantha said...

It must be so tough to start over somewhere with no friends. I'm so sorry you are lonely. I've actually met some wonderful girlfriends on the internet, through common interest message boards, blogs, etc. Anyways, here are a few suggestions: 1) put up a posting on the platonic section of craigslist or read and maybe respond to some 2) join some groups on - anything - could be a book club or activity type thing, there are tons of groups and 3)not necessarily an internet type thing but join a kickball team if they have any in your area. you can join as an independent and it is so much fun and everyone is basically there for the social aspect anyways so dont worry if you dont know what you are doing - you are placed on a team, play kickball and then everyone goes to a bar afterwards - my friends and i have made lots of friends this way,

Good luck!